Florida Class G License Renewal

Florida G License renewal is 2 years and G Licensees must qualify once a year to maintain the G license. Under Florida Laws any security officer armed and Florida licensed private investigator that is issued a Statewide Firearms Class G license can only carry a .380 or  9mm Semi-Automatic pistol, .38 or .357 caliber revolver while working in an armed capacity.

The State of Florida requires that all G security officers and armed private Investigators re-qualify at least once per year with the type of handgun that they carry on duty. Advance Training & Security Agency, Inc. provides annual Class “G” re-qualification. Failure to complete the annual 4-hour G re-cert will disqualify students for G license renewal students are required by the State of Florida to complete the entire 28-hour G course.

Class “G” 4 hour renewal course
Price: $100.00 USD

G Course 4 Hour Annual Recertification

  • Florida Gun Laws
  • Gun Safety
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Weapons Handling
  • State Firearms Qualification
  • Gun Laws and Florida Statutes 493,775,776,790
  • Shooting from Baricade Positions
  • Shooting Platforms (Standing, Kneeling, Prone)
  • Live Fire Marksmanship Training
  • State of Florida Firearms Qualification (148 Rounds)
Class “G” 4 hour renewal course
Price: $100.00 USD