Ms Lettesha Petgrave-Coke – License #K 1100035, DI 1100126 and have a Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay Community College in Mahattan New York.

Ms Lettesha Petgrave-Coke served 4 years in the United State Army and has over (10) years of experience in the security industry and is presently a certified law enforcement firearms instructor with the state of Florida.

Ms Lettesha Petgrave-Coke is also a certified CPR, AED & First Aid instructor with the American Red Cross and Heart Association, and she takes great pleasure in serving her community as a Notary Public.

She serves as an instructor teaching security “D” and “G” license classes, CPR and First Aid classes to security officers.

The list below details Ms. Lettesha’s training and certifications:

  • U.S Army
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Certificate in Security Management
  • Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
  • NRA Training Counselor
  • Concealed Weapon Instructor
  • Certified CPR, AED & First Aid Instructor with American Red Cross Association.
  • “K” Licensed
  • “DI” Licensed
  • “G” Licensed
  • “D” Licensed
  • Personal Body Protection Certified
  • Operational Firearms Safety Weapons Handling/Cleaning
  • Tactical Shooting-Point shooting Techniques/Cover & Concealment
  • Firearms Mechanical Training
  • Notary Public